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The Provincial Museum System of Polesine was established by the Councillorship of Culture of the Province of Rovigo, in cooperation with local institutes, the Superintendence for Archeological Treasures of the region Veneto and private museums owners, in order to appreciate the vast cultural heritage of the Polesine area and spread knowledge about it.

Small and large “museums” present in the province have joined to form a single system, an efficient and functional organization capable of implementing ideas and qualified projects aiming to share information and experiences.

Today, the Provincial Museum System of Polesine is a strong structure, a qualified visit card for the Polesine culture. It fulfils all the necessary requirements to play a key role in developing the tourist/cultural potential of the province of Rovigo.

The Museum System has grown enormously in the last few years: it has acquired awareness, certainty, enthusiasm to carry on projects, ideas, activities. This website is the precious tool necessary to perform all this. A tool whose importance has also been acknowledged at a national level; as a matter of fact, www.smppolesine.it has been included in the “Italian Culture Portal”, an access point validated by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities to inform the public at large on the various aspects of Italian culture.

Our Museum System belongs to it, since it represents a tile in our Country’s cultural mosaic, maybe not so famous as other more tourist-attracting places, but certainly full of history and culture. A heritage which is worth promoting, spreading and appreciating.

THE PROVINCIAL MUSEUM SYSTEM is a project of all the Museums taking part in it, the Bodies which support it, the people who play an active role in it, in various ways. Their cooperation has given rise to this challenge, which requires a synergy of action to promote the culture of our Polesine.


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